The Finikia

Finikia, the beautiful traditional village of Santorini

Finikia is one of the most beautiful traditional settlements of Santorini, which has retained the colour, character and beauty being just a 10 minutes' walk from the centre of the famous Oia; cave houses carved in the earth, courtyards with colourful bougainvillea and canavas (buildings used for wine storage) that witness the rural heritage of the settlement! The village is perched on the hillside above the terraces that once were the agricultural "heart" of Oia. Here the grapes that give the Vinsanto, the unique cherry tomato, the fava and all the agricultural products that grow in the soil of Santorini were cultivated.

The settlement of Finikia is famous for its atmosphere! Its unique architecture, the aura of serenity, the views of the terraces, the sea and the sunset make your strolls here, besides a time travel, an experience that will fill you with warm feelings and images that will make you relax and enjoy every walk in the full of beauty and serenity streets of the settlement.

Tip: The most important date for Finikia is the 20th of October, which celebrates the church of Panagia Matrona, the most important religious feast on the island of Santorini. In the beautiful church, located just steps from Finikia Memories Hotel, with its characteristic palm tree in the courtyard, a festival full of fun, music and flavours is taking place every year! If you are on the island that day, do not miss it for any reason!