Finikia Memories Hotel & Oia Memories Suites

Welcome to the island of Santorini 

Welcome to the island of the volcano and the unique beauty! Welcome to the traditional settlement of Finikia and the village of Oia. A piece of Santorini famous for the serene atmosphere and the beautiful sunsets! 

For over 30 years now we welcome to Finikia Memories Hotel the visitors of Santorini who are looking for a unique holiday experience, full of tranquillity and relaxation. Here you will enjoy the views of the calm blue sea and the green fields, the contemplation from the terrace or the patio of your room to the beautiful landscape of Finikia. The aura of this unique spot will accompany you and give its tone to the creation of unforgettable memories from your visit to the island of Santorini!

Our sister property, Oia Memories Suites are found in the village of Oia combining an excellent stay with tranquillity, relaxation and genuine hospitality, in a piece of Santorini that creates precious memories! Experience the friendliness of the people of Finikia Memories Hotel and Oia Memories Suites indulge with a glass of Vinsanto on your balcony and visit the Finikia Restaurant to enjoy the flavours of Santorini land.

Create, share and enjoy the cherished experiences that become vivid memories destined to stay in your heart forever as you spend your holidays in Finikia Memories Hotel and Oia Memories Suites.