Oia Memories Suites

Every Moment Holds a Promise

Experience the dazzling view of the Santorini volcano in Oia Memories Suites perched on the cliff of the unique caldera in the world-famous village of Oia.

Oia Memories Suites

Create Your Santorini Memories
Oia Memories Suites

Tales From The Caldera

Oia Memories Suites in Santorini is a collection of elegant suites gazing out on the impeccable beauty of the caldera and the volcano in Oia. Experience the dazzling view of the Aegean Sea and immerse in the mystical aura of the world-famous Santorini archipelago in an incredible setting where the crystalline waters of the lagoon meet the sky. You can enjoy the majestic vistas from the privileged privacy of your suite’s terrace, perched on the cliff of the unique volcanic caldera.

Oia Memories Suites

Waking up to the Beauty of the Volcano

Oia Memories Suites in Santorini offer an accommodation experience that invites the visitor to delve into the mesmerizing charm of the seascape and volcanic landscape. Each of the three attractive suites is equipped with all the desired amenities for an exceptionally comfortable stay pairing the breathtaking sight of the caldera with traditional Cycladic architecture. Seamlessly blending in the picture-perfect surroundings, all three suites boast elegant decoration and spacious balconies or patios with charming sea views. Moreover, our guests can visit Finikia Memories Hotel and enjoy moments of tranquility at the swimming pool or the tastes in Finikia Restaurant! 


Oia Memories Suites

Oia, Santorini’s Most Beautiful Village

The Pearl of the Caldera

Oia Memories Suites are located on the northern side of Santorini island in the gorgeous village of Oia, famous across the world for its distinctive beauty and breath-taking caldera view. Stay at the most privileged location of Santorini, where the volcanic magic of the island unfolds in every step.