The Santorini

Hotel Finikia Memories, Finikia Oia | Finikia Place
Hotel Finikia Memories, Finikia Oia | Finikia Place

The history, attractions, beaches and cuisine of Santorini!

Welcome to Santorini, one of the most famous tourist destinations and one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The unique caldera, the famous sunset, the delicious flavours, the important attractions and the volcanic beaches are only a few of the elements that make Santorini such a unique place on earth. Let's get to know the aspects of history, villages, beaches and all that make Santorini a unique experience and not just another holiday destination.

History / Sights

The history of Santorini cannot be separated from the volcano. The great eruption in 1,600 BC created the unique caldera of Santorini, but covered with lava the prehistoric town of Akrotiri. The second milestone in the history of Santorini is the colonization of the island by the Spartans in the 8th century BC, who built their city in Mesa Vouno, just above the villages of Kamari and Perissa. During the Venetian era on the island were built five castle-cities, fortresses to protect the inhabitants from pirate raids. During the 18th century, Finikia and Oia experienced strong growth due to the export of the most famous products of the island, like wine Vinsanto, the tomatoes etc.

To see the sights of Santorini visit the Prehistoric Settlement in Akrotiri, the Ancient Thera above Kamari, the Museum of Prehistoric Thira and the Archaeological Museum of Fira. Also, the medieval village of Pyrgos, the Castle city of Emporio and the Goulas (fortress) in Akrotiri. The churches that you must visit are the Cathedral of Fira and Panagia in Episkopi (Mesa) Gonia, a church built by the Byzantine Emperor Alexios Komninos around 1,100.


The Finikia Memories Hotel is built on the northwest side of the island and the nearest beaches are Baxedes and Colubos. Here you can enjoy swimming in volcanic beaches with black sand and rock formations that give you shade. In Santorini, you will find organized beaches to enjoy swimming. Perivolos and Perissa are very well organized and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants as well as facilities for water sports. Equally well organized is the beach of Kamari, while in Vlychada you will enjoy the unique volcanic landscape.

Flavours/ Products

The volcanic soil of Santorini with its special composition gives products with unique taste. Let's start with the wine and the varieties like Aidani Athiri and Assyrtiko that give the famous, tasty wines of Santorini. In recent years, the systematic cultivation of red varieties such as Mandilaria and Mavrotragano has begun to produce wines worth trying!

Tip: A glass of Vinsanto wine at the terrace of your room or suite at Finikia Memories Hotel is a moment to cherish and feel the beauty and taste of Santorini.

The products of Santorini such as fava beans, cultivated on the island for 3500 years, the cherry tomatoes with the hard rind and the full flavour, the white eggplant, the kardamides (seasonal vegetables), the chloro cheese, the katsounia, the Santorini cucumbers and many others are the products to discover to enjoy the flavours of the volcanic soil of Santorini.

Tip: In the garden or on the terrace of Finikia Memories Hotel restaurant, you will enjoy the flavours of Santorini and many dishes prepared with care and creativity.